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Common questions and administration issues.

Donations go directly to the server provider and assist in paying server bills.

Full breakdown of policies and membership information.

Information on player experience and achievements.

Download ZP:S maps used on Specialist League servers.

Information about the group, how the owner operates, server features etc.

Contains helpful tips for ZP:S mappers & guidelines for submitting maps.



This server caters to a diverse rotation of run & gun maps spanning from stock classics to the best customs.


Cabin is a 24/7 siege map server. Cabin is tailored to those who prefer a camp and cade play style.


The Specialist League host custom plugins built specifically for our ZP:S servers:

Bot System

Vampire Mutation

Spit Mutation

Cloak Mutation

Pull Mutation

Howl Mutation

Blast Mutation

(SL) Member Gear

Veteran Perks

Veteran !mute

Team Choice

Team Choice Whitey

Barricade Structures

Friendly Cades

Zombie Cade Attack

Cade Breaking Limits

Zombie Frenzy Speed

Frenzy 2x/4x Points

Health Cure

Kill Messages


RageQuit Reputation

Zombie AFK Checker



Anti-Chat Abuse

Microphone Experience

Microphone Whitelist

Cycling Ban

Name Changer

Spectator Coms Block

Code Fixes

Player Exploit Fixes

Veteran !Nextmap

Event Commands

Smart Map Vote

League servers uses a custom dynamic zombie bot system.

Any damage you inflict as a zombie is earned back as health.

Kill 1+ survivors. Spray infectious goo to blind others. Sprint [Shift] to fire.

Kill 2+ survivors. Cloak makes you harder to spot. Reload [R] to use.

Kill 2+ survivors. Pull draws props & survivors closer. Taunt [Z] to use.

Kill 3+ survivors. Howl calls in zombies. Unload [N] to use.

Kill 4+ survivors. Charge & explode, sending nearby things flying. Panic! [P] to use.

Members have unique character gear that distinguishes them from others.

Veteran players earn Team Choice, mute powers, custom starting loadout.

Veteran players can mute other players for a limited time.

Veterans & (SL) members have priority for their choice of survivor or zombie.

Team Choice means less zombie if you didn't choose it & zombie lovers get more whitey.

Survivors can build cades on top of each other or reinforce cades.

Survivor hammer barricades don’t block survivor movement.

Zombies can shove barricades which has a chance of dislodging a cade.

Survivors who break several cades in a short time will be slayed.

Zombies who kill survivors earn extra speed. Sprint [Shift] to toggle.

Frenzy zombies earn 2x points per kill up to a maximum of 4x points.

Health packs cure infection.

Players know who kills who, with what weapon, and on what team.

Veterans can type: !flagmute to protest Veterans who abuse !mute.

Players maintain a reputation if they ragequit, with penalties if it gets too high.

Players can have the server check for a AFK zombie by typing vafk.

Speedhacking is impossible on our servers.

Players who enable aimbots are automatically permabanned by the server.

Name cycling scripts, and advertising & general spam/harassment is blocked.

Server experience is required for microphone use.

Microphone use is white-listed to English speaking countries.

Zombies who disconnect/reconnect will receive a temporary ban.

Offensive & advertising names are automatically modified.

Ability to set the nextmap on the Community server, and immunity to ping kicker/cycling ban.

Spectators cant disrupt play by revealing player locations.

Obscure crash issues related to faulty dev code have been patched.

Invincible spectators and early survivor spawn exploits fixed.

The server owner can run unique events.

Players can vote for an expanded map range when the server is full.

Zombie Mutation Spit, Cloak, Pull, Howl, Blast
Exclusive to SL servers, kill survivors to unlock new zombie powers.

Zombie Mutation Powers from Uncle Fred on Vimeo.

Kill 1 survivors without dying and unlock Spit. Use spit to blind and infect. Alt-Fire [Right-Mouse]

Kill 2 to unlock cloak. Clock makes you less visible. To toggle cloak: Reload [R]

Kill 2 to unlock pull. Pull knocks survivors & props closer to you. Taunt [T]

Kill 3 to unlock Howl. Howling calls in additional zombies. Unload [N]

Kill 4 to unlock Blast. Charge survivors & explode. Blast breaks cades & throws players. Panic! [P]

If you are killed, you respawn with your latest mutation genes dormant. To express your mutated genes, kill another survivor. They will also re-emerge with time.

Custom Barricade System
Exclusive to SL, player barricades can be used in new ways, and don't block survivors.

(SL) Member Costume Gear
Players who become (SL) members will get new, exclusive wearables.


The invite only (SL) member Steam group is the Specialist League

League Specialists have free access to:

  • !mute immunity

  • Special player costumes

  • TeamChoice priority over Veterans

  • Immunity to the ping kicker

  • Access to the microphone regardless of country

  • Use of the (SL) tag

  • Players are welcome to apply for membership.


    The servers automatically ban players on discovery, with no warnings, if caught:

    Cheating or Hacking
    This includes, with reasonable suspicion as determined by the server or Owner, the malicious use of third party client software or scripts on, or against, any community asset.

    Team Cycling
    Disconnecting/rejoining near the start of a round, and after being selected for zombie.

    Players may be muted, silenced, gagged, or have their name changed if caught using the server coms to engage in:

    Coms Abuse

    What Constitutes Harassment

    Key Points

  • The League takes a unique view of player gameplay behavior, see 6.0 in the FAQ here.

  • Players can protest against Specialist microphone use, as Specialists are immune to !mute.

  • A single comment or thoughtless remark does not equal harassment.

  • The right to disrespect players, Specialists and Owner is protected.

  • Discussion on hot topic items like news, religion, politics & racism are permitted.

  • Hot topic voice discussions must not become so excessive as to annoy players.

  • Do not argue with a chat/mic usage request from the server owner, (SL) Uncle Fred.

  • Only server and SL Steam forum behavior are taken into account when considering administration. Steam messages or other player behavior falls outside the control or interest of administration.

  • Regardless if players are aware of or comprehend the rules, players who select “Join the Game” have agreed to follow the rules.

  • Administration FAQ

    Automatic Administration
    Exclusive to the Specialist League, most administration on the servers is done automatically by the server itself. This includes all ban offences, high ping, cade breaking, advertising, chat abuse, and name abuse.

    The SL servers utilize a custom microphone system designed to reduce microphone misuse. Players must meet a server experience requirement, be on a whitelist of countries, or be a (SL) member before the microphone can be used.

    These countries are as follows:

    • Antigua and Barbuda
    • Liberia
    • Australia
    • American Samoa
    • Barbados
    • Bahamas
    • Bermuda
    • British Virgin Islands
    • Canada
    • Denmark
    • Dominica
    • Gibraltar
    • Grenada
    • Guyana
    • Isle of Man
    • Israel
    • Jamaica
    • Malta
    • Marshall Islands
    • Nauru
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Northern Mariana Islands
    • Norway
    • Republic of Ireland
    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    • Singapore
    • Suriname
    • Sweden
    • U.S. Virgin Islands
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Vanuatu
    (SL) members are considered trusted microphone users and can use voice communication regardless of country.

    Players can protest (SL) member behaviour by typing: !flagsl A Specialists with too many unique flags will have their member perks suspended. Once suspended, they will be subject to !flagvet protests.

    Microphone Volume
    If a player's own microphone volume is high, clipping or inaudible, adjusting the volume in-game does not work. This must be done in Windows or via any third party software that controls the microphone volume. By default, players can adjust their microphone transmission volume as outlined below for Windows Vista/7/8

    • Minimize ZP:S (press the Windows" key).

    • Right-click the speaker icon in the desktop explorer tray.

    • Select recording devices.

    • Right-click the microphone used for ZP:S (in the case illustrated below, the user has a headset hooked up to the back of the PC).

    • Select "Properties."

    • Select "Levels" tab.

    • Adjust either the boost or volume levels as needed.

    To test microphone settings in-game:
    • Maximize ZP:S from the tray.

    • Press the "esc" key.

    • Select "Options."

    • Select the "Voice" tab.

    • Press the button "test microphone" and talk.

    This is how the voice sounds in game to other players. If it sounds poor, return to Windows and adjust as required.

    On behalf of the community, the League wishes you a warm welcome.

    Specialist League Owner


    Comunidade da Liga Especializada




    Mapas do servidor

    SL COM



    Os servidores automaticamente ban Os jogadores são proibidos se detectado::

    Truque ou Hacking
    Isto inclui o uso do software ou dos comandos do terceiro.

    Ciclismo em equipe
    Desconectando / rejoining perto do começo de uma rodada, e depois de ser selecionado para zumbi.

    A administração automática
    A maioria da administração é feita automaticamente pelo servidor. Isto inclui todas as proibições, sibilo, quebra cade, anúncio, abuso do bate-papo e abuso dos nomes.

    Os servidores do SL usam um sistema feito sob encomenda do microfone para impedir o emprego errado do microfone. Os jogadores devem ter a experiência nos servidores e ser dos países de língua inglesa.

    Os jogadores de Brasil e de Portugal são pedidos para usar o bate-papo para a discussão portuguesa. Obrigado.

    Especialista League Owner

    Основные ссылки

    Сообщество Specialist League



    Бан лист


    Репозиторий карт сервера

    SL COM



    Сервер имеет систему автоматического наказания игроков за следующие нарушения правил:

    Использование стороннего программного обеспечения и/или различных скриптов, которые дают приемущество над остальными игроками, так же вызывающие помехи в работе сервера.

    Обход выбора команды
    Если вам дана роль, играйте на ней, если вы попытаетесь перезайти чтобы не играть за данную вам команду, вы получите бан.

    Прочие моменты
    Сервер также кикнет вас если ваш пинг будет выше 250! За спам в чате, частую смену имен, "плохие" имена, и поломку чужих баррикад на вас тоже найдется наказание.

    На серверах SL используется система по управлению голосового чата, чтобы уменьшить спам микрофоном. К сожалению, мы пришли к решению что игроки из России, как и из многих других стран, блокируются в этой системе.

    Владелец сообщества Specialist League


    Comunidad de la Liga de Especialistas




    Mapas del servidor

    SL COM



    Los servidores automáticamente prohibir Los jugadores están prohibidos si está detectado:

    Hacer trampa o hackear
    Esto incluye el uso malicioso de software o scripts de terceros.

    Ciclismo en equipo
    A la vuelta de disconnect/to para hacer frente cerca del beginningof a una ronda, y que se seleccionará después para el zombi.

    Administración automátican
    El servidor hace a la mayoría de la administración automáticamente. Esto incluye todas las prohibiciones, silbido de bala, las barricadas de la rotura, el abuso de la charla y el abuso de nombres.

    Los servidores SL utilizan un sistema de micrófono personalizado para reducir el uso incorrecto del micrófono. Los jugadores deben tener experiencia en el servidor. Los jugadores deben jugar desde ciertos países para usar el micrófono.

    Piden los jugadores de España y de sus colonias españolas utilizar la charla para la discusión española.

    Especialista League Owner


    Fach Liga Gemeinschaft





    SL COM



    Die Server automatisch ban Spieler auf Entdeckung, ohne Warnungen, wenn gefangen:

    Betrug oder Hacken
    Dazu gehört die böswillige Verwendung von Drittanbietersoftware oder Scripts.

    Freundschaftsspiel Fußball
    Trennen / Wiederzusammenfügen in der Nähe des Anfangs einer Runde, und nachdem für Zombie ausgewählt.

    Automatische Verwaltung
    Die meisten Administrationen erfolgen automatisch vom Server. Dazu gehören alle Verbotsdelikte, hohe Ping, Cade breaking, Werbung, Chat-Missbrauch und Namen Missbrauch.

    Die SL-Server verwenden ein eigenes Mikrofonsystem, um den Missbrauch des Mikrofons zu reduzieren. Spieler müssen über Erfahrung verfügen. Spieler müssen aus bestimmten Ländern spielen, um das Mikrofon zu benutzen.

    Specialist League Besitzer


    Comunidade da Liga Especializada




    Cartes serveur

    SL COM



    Les serveurs automatiquement interdire les joueurs sur la découverte, sans avertissements, si pris:

    Tricher ou piratage
    Cela comprend l'utilisation malveillante de logiciels ou de scripts tiers.

    Cyclisme d'équipe
    Se déconnecter ou rejoindre près du début d'une ronde, et après avoir été sélectionné pour zombie.

    Administration automatique
    La plupart de l'administration est effectuée automatiquement par le serveur. Cela inclut toutes les infractions d'interdiction, le ping élevé, la coupure de cade, la publicité, l'abus de discussion et l'abus de nom.

    The servers uses has custom microphonous system. Players must Be from English speaking countries to uses the microphonous. Players must cuts server experiment.

    Des Frances et ses colonies sont invitées pour employer la causerie pour la discussion française.

    Spécialiste League Owner


    Specialista Comunità League




    mappe Server

    SL COM



    I server automaticamente ban giocatori sulla scoperta, senza avvertimenti, se catturati:

    Cheating o Hacking
    Ciò include l'uso dannoso di software client di terze parti o script.

    Cycling team
    Scollegare / ricongiungersi in prossimità della partenza di un round, e dopo essere stati selezionati per zombie.

    Amministrazione automatica
    La maggior parte di amministrazione viene fatto automaticamente dal server. Questo include tutti i reati di divieto, ping alto, cade di rottura, di pubblicità, di abuso di chat, e il nome di abusi.

    I server di SL usano un sistema di microfoni personalizzato per ridurre il microfono uso improprio. I giocatori devono avere esperienza del server. I giocatori devono giocare da alcuni paesi per utilizzare il microfono.

    L'Italia è bloccato usando il microfono. Scusate!

    Specialista Lega proprietario


    Specialist League közösségi




    szerver Maps

    SL COM



    A szerverek automatikusan ban játékosok felfedezése, figyelmeztetés nélkül, ha a fogás:

    Csalás vagy Hacking
    Ez magában foglalja a rosszindulatú felhasználása harmadik fél kliens szoftver, vagy a scriptek.

    csapat kerékpározás
    Leválasztása / rejoining közelében kezdetét a kerek, és miután kiválasztott zombi.

    Automatikus Administration
    A legtöbb beadás automatikusan történik a szerver. Ez magában foglalja az összes tilalmat bűncselekmények magas ping, cade törés, reklám, csevegés visszaélés, és nevét visszaélés.

    Az SL kiszolgálók egyéni mikrofon rendszer csökkenti a mikrofon visszaélés. A játékosok kell szerver tapasztalat. A játékosoknak meg kell játszani az egyes országok számára, hogy a mikrofon.

    Magyarország le van tiltva, bocs!

    Specialist League Képviselő


    Specjalista League Społeczność




    mapy Server

    SL COM



    Serwery automatycznie ban gracze na odkryciu, bez ostrzeżenia, jeśli złapany:

    Oszukiwanie lub Hacking
    Obejmuje to niewłaściwemu wykorzystaniu oprogramowania klienckiego osobie trzeciej lub skryptów.

    Zespół na rowerze
    Odłączeniu / dołączając pobliżu początku rundy, po czym wybrano zombie.

    Automatyczna administracja
    Najbardziej podawanie odbywa się automatycznie przez serwer. Obejmuje to wszystkie przestępstwa zakazu wysoki ping, Cade łamanie, reklamowych, nadużywanie czat i nazwa nadużyć.

    Serwery SL wykorzystują system niestandardowy mikrofonu w celu zmniejszenia nadużywania mikrofonu. Gracze muszą mieć doświadczenie serwera. Gracze muszą grać z niektórych krajów w użyciu mikrofonu.

    Mikrofony z Polski są zablokowane. Przepraszam!

    Specjalista League Właściciel


    Specialist League Community




    Kartor server

    SL COM



    Servrarna automatiskt förbud spelare på upptäckt, utan varningar om fångas:

    Fusk eller Hacking
    Detta inkluderar missbruk av tredje part klientprogram eller skript.

    Team Cykel
    Bortkoppling / rejoining nära starten av en rund, och efter att ha ut för zombie.

    Automatisk Administration
    De flesta administration sker automatiskt av servern. Detta inkluderar alla förbud brott, hög ping, cade bryta, reklam, chatt missbruk och namn missbruk.

    SL servrar använder en anpassad mikrofonsystem för att minska mikrofon missbruk. Spelare måste ha server erfarenhet. Spelare måste spela från vissa länder att använda mikrofonen.

    Specialist League Ägare